We were formed in 2017 by vocalist Golden Eagle and guitarist Dominic Blum. Our goal was, and still is, to compose and play songs with our favorite elements of all metal genres. In April 2018 Jerry Jay joined us on drums. In October of the same year, Jerry's former bandmate Don Diego joined us as additional guitarist. With this formation we began to prepare our first gigs and kept on working on our own titles.

In April 2019 we debuted live as the opening band for Burning Witches. In summer 2019 we started to record our first EP “The Keeper of Imbalance” at Valhalla Sound Studio (https://valhallasound.studio). The guys at Valhalla Studio are represented by Julian Lehmann (Asuryan), Max Morton (Producer of Jinjer) and Dmitry Kim (Ex-Jinjer Drummer).

„...one of the best discoveries of the year 2020“ -Empirezone.es
(Spanish magazine)
During 2019 we played many shows and gained a lot of stage experience. In November 2019 the talented Joe Ming (Ex-Intractable) became our new bassist, after Nico Ardüser  has helped us out for the live shows in the past.
„...Golden Eagle delivers a world-class performance“ -Rockslave of Metalfactory.ch
(Swiss magazine)

In February 2020 we have been chosen from over 50 other Swiss bands to play at the semi-finals of the Wacken Metalbattle Switzerland in the city of Lucerne. With only one point behind the winner, we ran for second place. In March 2020 Covid-19 rushed over the world like a storm and all our shows were canceled. For many bands - including us - this was a major set-back. So we used the time to polish our EP and finally released it on August 28th, 2020.


„...Musically it is insanely well crafted and in terms of musicianship it is simply jawdropping. Excellent guitarists and vocalist make this a tip for the top“
-Edwin van Hoof of headbangerslifestyle.com

In September 2020 we were able to play one concert and we decided to make it our EP release show. For the rest of 2020 we have started to write new songs for a full length album. So…. we are not sure when we are going to rock the stage again, but one thing IS for sure: We’re focused to release our debut album which title name we're soon going to announce. Until then we want all Metalheads to blast our Debut EP “The Keeper Of Imbalance” as loud as they can.


Last but not least what matters the most to us:
All Metalheads should spread the word of Judge Minos and show the world that Heavy Metal never dies!