Judge Minos was founded in September 2017 by Singer Shane Eagle and Guitarist Dominic Blum. Rehearsing in Zurich, many Song ideas started to emerge and in April 2018 drummer Jerry Jay was brought into the band. In October of the same year they were joined by Don Diego to accompany Dominic on the Guitar. With this formation the band started to prepare for their first concerts and kept on working on new songs.

In April 2019 the moment finally came for Judge Minos to give their live-debut, opening for Burning Witches. Many concerts followed, in which they were helped out on the bass by Nico Ardüser. From November 2019 on, Joe Ming became their new live-bassist, who has now been a permanent member of the band since mid-2020. The band was now complete!

By the end of 2019 the band started the recording of their first EP “The Keeper of Imbalance”, which was produced by Valhalla Sound Studios.

In February 2020 the band participated at the Wacken Metalbattle Switzerland and was chosen over 50 other Swiss bands to play at the semi-finals in Luzern. With only one point behind the winner they ran for second place.

Because of COVID-19 many concerts were canceled, but the band used their spare time to write new material and celebrate the worldwide release of their well-received EP on 28.8.2020.

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